Transparency in the world of consulting

Keep Track in Real Time


M3 Federal Contract Practice Group, LLC is proud to introduce Real-Time Tracking & Management (RTC), which offers for the first time, Transparency in the World of Consulting. This state of the art software program allows companies/clients full transparency into the activities of consultants, remote employees, and some companies have used RTC software to manage internal employees.

With RTC a company/client is able to see when and what a consultant is working on as well as the instant results of their efforts, all in real-time. This allows companies to retain managerial control over their consultants’ time, work efforts, and budgets. The software tracks all aspects of work performance through instant work approvals, and instant acceptance of work, while handling automatic billing and keeping historical records of work performed and accomplished.

Above all, RTC helps to manage expectations fully, in real-time and with the utmost transparency. To accomplish this, it has many invaluable features including:

  • A real time performance clock that is visible to companies and consultants when work is being performed;
  • Instant performance validation;
  • Fixed budgeting;
  • Automatic time sheets and invoicing; and
  • Secure document storage.


M3 Federal along with other companies and industries throughout the world use Real-Time Tracking & Management to oversee consultants work efforts, and that of remote employees. Some of the comments from RTC users include:

  • “I can check on the quality of performance instantly.”
  • “Managing expectations and costs is a simple click away.”
  • “I have reduced consultant costs substantially.”
  • “I will never again be surprised when I receive a consultant’s invoice.”
  • “I know when my remote employee is working and what they are working on.”

Additional Information:

For more information and to sign for the software go to or call 1-607-754-2228.