Contractor Forms & Templates

gallery_3M3 Federal knows that working within the Government procurement field as a prime or subcontractor can be difficult and complex. In order to ease the administrative burden M3 Federal has developed a series of standard forms. These pre-formatted documents can be easily completed by M3 Federal's administrative experts or your staff. Using these forms assists with Governemnt compliance, contractor compliance, FAR and DFAR interpretation, contract negotiations, datarights protection and much more. These forms will lead to your compliance and protection.

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1) Corporate Compliance

a) Ethics Forms
b) Government Policies and Procedures
c) In-house Seminar Presentation

2) Business Compliance

a) Federal Acquisition Regulations Compliance Form
b) Defense Acquisition Regulations Compliance Matrix
c) Ethics Compliance Form
d) Cost Accounting Forms
e) True in Negotiation Act - Step by Step Forms
f) Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Audit Preparation and Response Letter

3) Prime Contractor Forms

a) Contract Forms
b) Subcontractor Forms
c) Claims Forms
d) Proposal Response Forms
e) Datarights Assertion Forms
f) Accounting
g) Subcontract Forms

4) Subcontractor Forms

a) Supplier Contract Documents
b) Standard Contract Documents
c) Datarights Forms
d) Negotiation Forms
e) Cost/Price Form
f) Negotiation Forms
g) Dispute/Claim Forms

5) Legal Forms

a) Teaming Agreements
b) Subcontract Agreements
c) International Agreements
e) Registration Guide
f) DCAA Allowable v. Unallowable Response Letters
g) Board of Contract Appeals Form
h) Request for Equitable Adjustment Format
i) Agency Level Bid Protest Format
j) GAO Bid Protest Format
k) Expert Report Outlines

6) Compliance Forms and Procedures

b) Accounting
c) Contracts
d) Proposals
e) Management
f) Contractor Performance Assessment Report Systems (CPAR) response form