Government Contract Services

M3 Federal Contract Practice Group, LLC.’s (M3) experienced staff of subject matter experts, accountants, contract managers, and affiliated attorneys will work on behalf and in conjunction with your staff, providing expertise in the following areas;

  • M3 Federal is an industry leading expert in export compliance.

    Our experts have over 35 years of experience and a thorough understanding of U.S. export and import regulations.

    We can help your company develop compliance programs, perform audits, and avoid and resolve complex issues.

    Our services are offered and applied worldwide.

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  • To assist U.S. Government prime and subcontractors M3 Federal offers forms and basic advice that will assist your efforts in business development, proposal writing, contract performance, data protection, cost & pricing, audit preparation response, claims & disputes, and general responses to standard issues, and a host of other critical forms and data that you might need.

    To acquire these forms there is a one time fee.

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  • M3 Federal offers commercial contract support for all types of transactions. If you are a business that needs assistance when entering a contract our experts can protect your rights.

    If you have a purely commercial contract dispute M3 Federal will arbitrate a solution to your benefit.

    Some of the areas include, contracts for all types of supplies, subcontracts, equipment purchases, intellectual property agreements, pricing, limitation of liability, and more.

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  • M3 Federal presents seminars for prime and subcontractors presently involved or who want to get involved in the federal procurement field. These seminars, that are held throughout the world, are unque in that we teach both the good and bad of contracting with the U.S. Government. M3 Federal's instructor of 40 years gives each student a full comprehensive realistic path to success and what to expect when working in this field.
    Some of the seminar titles are:
    1) Commercial v. Federal Contracting, 2) Regulatory Concerns, 3) Prime & SubK Compliance, 4) Disputes Avoidance & Resolution.

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  • The Government and state agencies have access to over four million commercial services and products that can be ordered directly from GSA Schedule contractors.
    Companies with a GSA Contract offer Government offices the potential benefits of shorter lead-times, lower administrative costs, and reduced inventories. To put your product or service on a GSA contract will promote sales.
    M3 Federal will either guide you in your efforts to get a GSA contract or do all the work on your behalf. Negotiations and subsequent GSA contract award, we do it all for you.

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  • M3 Federal brings companies into compliance with the federal regulations by develping full compliance programs suitable to your business objectives. Some of the programs authoried by M3 Federal include but is not limited to the followiing: 1) FAR/DFAR, 2) ITAR, 3) Cost Accounting Standards, 4) FCPA, 5) Contract and Program compliance, 6) EEO, 7) Data rights compliance, 8) Accounting, 9) Human Resources, 10) Proposal compliance, 11) Audit, 12) Fraud Awarness, 13) Ethics, 14) investigation guidelines, 15) GSA Compliance, plus other areas. These programs are offered on a fixed price basis.

    Compliance with the FAR/DFAR, ITAR, Cost Accounting Standards, profit, Ethics, FCPA, and other regulations is a major challenge.

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  • M3 Federal's exclusive dealings with the United States Federal Government, specific military and civilian agencies, prime and subcontractors doing business with the U.S. Government has given M3 the opportunity to offer it's Subject Matter Experts (SME) to act as your expert witness or litigation support advocate. Our expert(s) can assist with developing win strategies, writing position briefs, analyize data, interpret federal regulations, prepare pre-dispute arguments, or guide your law firm on federal procurement concerns. M3 Federal will use our previous deposition experience to put you in a winning position. Cut your expert witness costs by 1/3.

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  • There are a host of key functional attributes that equate to company and program success when working in the federal procurment field. Some of these areas include understanding, accounting (CAS), FAR/DFAR, U.C.C., quality assurance, inspections, rights of sovereignty, subcontractors rights, intellectual property, DCAA, DCMA, terminations, and more. Possessing this vast amount of knowledge takes a large staff of experienced employees.

    M3 Federal's outsourcing program can support all of these key areas, on-site or off-site at a fixed monthly or hourly cost that is only 1/3 of the normal costs.

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  • Claims and Disputes are a part of the federal procurement field. The question is whether or not you know how to identify the claim/dispute and how to get it resolved before financial degradation and contract termination. M3 Federal's 40 years of claim/dispute experience will prepare the claim, negotiate settlement and get you what you are entitled to in a non adversarial way. Litigation at times cannot be avoided. In these cases M3 Federal can help you avoid the massive expenses of working with a law firm by developing the litigation strategy, interrogatories, supporting deposition as your expert, and conducting negotiations.
    Resolution can be achieved without legal action in 90% of all cases M3 Federal handles.

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  • Contract Management is a key aspects of controlling the expectation(s) of your customers and suppliers. To control these expectations your contract managers must have knowledge of the contract terms, cost elements, intellectual rights, performance limitations, specifications, all potential claim issues, risk areas, flowdowns, audit rights, TINA, what constitutes fraud, ITAR, FAR v. U.C.C., and what it means to be fully compliant. To lack the knowledge and experience in any of these areas can prove to be financially damaging and if serious lead to debarrement from federal contracting. M3 Federal's application of our 40 years of contract management experience will protect your company and yield profitable results.

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  • Successful proposal writing requires full knowledge of the federal regulations (FAR/DFAR), U.C.C., understanding industry/agency expectations, all compliance and risk factors coupled with years of experience not only writing proposals but understanding how to manage the programs, costs, customers expectations, and disputes that commonly arise during contract performance.

    M3 Federal's experts have this full spectrum of knowledge and experience which contributes to our win rate of over 75%. With M3 Federal's 40 years of experience we don't merely reiterate the solicitation requirements we analyize your company and develop a win strategy.

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  • The U.S. Government can be a substantial source of revenue for your goods or services but should never be the only financial resource. M3 Federal will guide your company through the steps on how to be a successful government contractor. Some of the steps include registration, compliance considerations, risk mitigation, and targeted marketing strategies.

    M3 Federal will, in part, market directly to the U.S. Government , locate Government solicitations, work with prime contractors throughout the world, and find subcontracating opportunities. M3 Federal's business development experts will ensure you find winning bidding opportunities fast and put you on the path of compliance and success.

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